By Jody Johnson-Pettit

The cost of eyewear can sometimes hit the wallet hard. Thankfully there are several options on the market for budget-friendly eyewear for the frugal consumer.

With today’s selection of materials and on-trend designs, consumers seeking economical eyewear no longer need to worry about sacrificing quality or fashion. “The best advice for consumers is to embrace independent brands,” says Don Coulson, VP Operations and Sales, Modern Optical Canada. “Affordable eyewear uses many of the same materials and features as their higher-priced counterparts.”

Men can have upscale-designed eyewear at an affordable price with new styles from Modern Optical’s G.V.X collection. Models GVX567, GVX568 and GVX569 feature masculine shapes made from durable materials including stainless steel, TR90 and handmade zyl.

Modern Optical GVX567

“Mixed materials are increasingly popular as well as added features such as design embellishments and spring hinges,” says Coulson.

For women, the Modern Art collection offers four new styles including A396 and A399 and

Modern Optical A399

the Modz Kids collection is durable and affordable, making a back-up pair of glasses a viable option. Model Field Goal is made of TR90, with metal trim and spring hinges. Models Friendship is stainless steel and Jump Rope features a stainless-steel front with handmade zyl temples.

Modern Optical Jump Rope

WestGroupe’s Superflex and Bertelli collections are also a perfect example of stylish, good quality frames at affordable prices.


“While the cost of materials, components and detailing do factor into the retail price point, a low price point frame does not have to mean low quality or minimal style,” says Beverly Suliteanu, VP of product development. “Most ECPs offer a wide variety of brands and styling.”

WestGroupe SuperFlex

Alternative/Plan B Eyewear offers a variety of economical frames for men, women and children from their Vue collection.

“This collection is a broad mix of acetate, metal and combination frames,” says Cassandra Slepian, marketing. “It features more modern styling with a good helping of the classics, as affordable eyewear needs to be appealing and available to all segments of the market.”

While materials and features differ from higher end or luxury models, a good affordable piece of eyewear should still be made well with quality materials. “Our Vue product is actually made at the same levels of quality or beyond as some name branded product that is currently available in the market.”

Alternative V987

Vue is versatile with styles ranging from the most classic square frame look for men, to a chic cat eye for women along with perfect children’s frames in between.

There is something for everyone when it comes to eyewear, especially when considering budget. “The trick is to find that happy middle ground between affordability, style, and quality,” says Ogi designer, Chesley Wright. “Our main focus is to bring those key factors to the forefront, creating designer pieces that won’t break anyone’s bank.”

Bon Vivant’s Jolee offers a touch of glamour, with a classic cat eye shape and is made with premium acetate with wrap around hinges. While the Quennel model is made of soft blends of crystal acetate with complimenting darker temples.

Ogi Quennel

Ogi Jolee





“If done with care and with the customer in mind, the materials and dedication to craftsmanship shouldn’t be compromised,” says Wright. “Additionally, taking adequate care of a pair of frames extends the time from buying a new pair.”