Eco Eyewear is thrilled to announce yet another significant milestone in its ongoing mission to preserve our oceans. Through collaboration with Waste Free Ocean and the invaluable support of its dedicated supporters, the sustainability-focused eyewear brand has waved goodbye to a staggering 60 tons of ocean plastics.

The remarkable accomplishment builds upon the organization’s successful River Cleanup Campaign in the Dominican Republic last year. Eco remains more committed than ever to its partnership with NGO Waste Free Oceans and their “Wave of Change” initiative, dedicated to creating a future where our oceans, rivers, and beaches are free from plastic waste.

Expressing gratitude, Eco extends their appreciation to those who have contributed through physical actions, such as collecting waste from oceans, rivers, and beaches, as well as to customers and brand enthusiasts who have shared their support. It is through this continued support that Eco is able to continue having a meaningful impact on the environment.

Did you know?

Eco creates eyewear from recycled ocean plastic, providing customers with the opportunity to make conscious eyewear choices while contributing to the efforts of ocean preservation.

About Eco Eyewear

Eco Eyewear, a carbon-negative eyewear brand, aims to have a positive impact on the planet. By implementing environmental social purpose programs and using only eco-conscious materials, Eco has been providing sustainable eyewear since 2009.