By David Goldberg


Patients are experiencing more complex visual demands than ever before in our increasingly digital world.

That’s why Dr.’s Choice Optical Lab has developed new lens designs with even higher resolutions and easier adaptations, making them a perfect fit for every wearer’s needs.

That starts with the Xperia® lens that was formulated using the company’s ClearView® Digital Lens Platform.

“It offers an ultra-wide field of view, which is excellent for a variety of activities from driving and working to gaming and more,” says Joseph Coward of Dr.’s Choice.

The Xperia® lens offers wide intermediate and near vision zones thanks to its oval viewing areas, which eliminate any potential distortion in the lens. This enables seamless multitasking.

The wide corridor and the flexible lens design give wearers ultimate freedom to see their world without limitations.

Meanwhile, the OMNI 4K® HD lens is a powerhouse of optical precision.

“This lens has the highest resolution of any lenses we offer,” explains Coward, “With a clarity that is the envy of any optometrist.”

The OMNI 4K is equipped with a plethora of customizable features that provide wearers with lenses that are anatomically optimized.

With a full suite of customizable features such as corridor lengths, decentration, high wrap lenses, adds as high as +5.00, and 80mm sized blanks, these lenses are the ideal solution for anyone looking for the pinnacle of lens design.

Finally, you can pair either of these lenses with the Clearview Radiant® Blue Blocker Anti-Reflection Lens coating, also from Dr.’s Choice, and your eyes will be more protected from eye strain caused by the blue light emitted from screens.