(From CNIB)

CNIB Alberta is proud to announce that Dr. Robert Molday has been selected as the recipient of the CNIB Chanchlani Global Vision Research Award.

The first Canadian to receive this prestigious award, Dr. Molday is a faculty member at the University of British Columbia where he currently holds positions as Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and is the founding Director of the Centre for Macular Research.

The CNIB Chanchlani Global Vision Research Award was established in 2011 by Vasu and Jayshree Chanchlani in collaboration with the Toronto Netralya Lions Club and the Toronto Doctors Lions Club to support the best research in the field of vision science and rehabilitation, worldwide, with the goal of encouraging world researchers in the area of vision science and vision rehabilitation. The award is given to vision scientists anywhere in the world who have made a major original contribution to these fields.

Dr. Molday is being recognized for his important and fundamental contributions to the field of vision and inherited retinal degenerative diseases. His innovative experimental approaches and creative thinking, together with the extensive range of his studies, have led to scientific breakthroughs that have had a major impact on our understanding of photoreceptor cell structure and function, as well as the molecular and cellular basis of inherited retinal degenerative diseases. His studies have served as a basis for the development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of a number of retinal degenerative disorders, most notably Stargardt’s Syndrome. Dr. Molday has developed many unique reagents and procedures that he has made freely available to hundreds of investigators throughout the world.