Eyelogic is saddened to announce that Dr. Alan Dyer passed away on May 12 after a long battle with cancer.

Dr. Dyer spent his career advancing the science of refraction and will be remembered as a pioneer in automated refraction. His idea for the Eyelogic System came to him as a young ophthalmologist; intrigued by the automation slowly being adopted in other medical specialties. Dr. Dyer imagined a computerized system to test patients’ eyes for glasses with an easy to use interface, and after 8 years of development he launched the Eyelogic System. Today, his technology has performed millions of refractions around the world and has sparked companies from around the globe to investigate and experiment in the area of automated refraction.

Eyelogic President Mark McDonald commented, “Professionally, Alan will be remembered as a brilliant inventor who was driven by a desire to bring better eyesight to as many people as possible. Personally, he was a devoted husband, father, and a true friend. He will be deeply missed by everyone at Eyelogic.”