By Denis Langlois

An eyewear style first introduced in the 1930s and popularized 50 years later is back on fashion runways and trend forecasts.

The double bridge, now sported by men and women alike, has seen its star continue to rise in recent years. That positive trajectory keeps going strong in 2020.

Ray-Ban was reportedly the first company to manufacture eyewear with a double bridge when it launched its first aviators in 1937.

Created by Bausch & Lomb, the Ray-Ban Aviator was initially developed for United States Army’s air service pilots to shield their eyes from the glare of the sun while flying aircraft.

Aviators and other double-bridge eyewear regained popularity in the 1980s, thanks, in part, to Hollywood influencers. Remember 1986’s Top Gun?

Today, double-bridge frames can be found in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. Eyewear companies have come up with a variety of creative ways to modernize this beloved look.

Double-bridge specs are very appealing, giving the wearer a classic, retro look while also screaming sophistication, style and trendy.

Here are some cool styles that have us doing a double take – in a good way – in 2020.

  1. FYSH Sunwear F-2048 by WestGroupe.
  2. Staag Spectacles SG-Clive by Plan “B” Eyewear.
  3. Pure 4002 by Marchon Eyewear.
  4. Blackfin Zabriskie. (not shown)
  5. Victoria’s Secret PINK PK5010 by Marcolin Group.
  6. Rye&Lye Cabernet.
  7. Carrera 1027/s by Safilo.