As the demand for optometrists remains high across Canada, companies need to carefully consider how to best create a great place to work for their professional teams.

Optometrists are not only asking for the best technology and a strong earning potential, but they also want to feel they are part of a community where they can share ideas, hear from peers, and contribute to a broader health agenda.

In the current market, optometrists are spending more time understanding and comparing what various companies have to offer before making their next career move.

Specsavers, newly on the scene in Canada, but a globally recognized name known for its optometry support services, is seeking to – as they say – transform careers.

Dawn McIntyre is the director of optometry support at Specsavers Canada with over 20 years of experience recruiting optometrists at all stages in the career cycle.

She explained, “You have to ensure you are delivering the best experience and work environment for individuals so listening to what optometrists have to say on what is important to them is paramount, which was how Specsavers was born.”

“As an optometrist-led organization we prioritize patient care, so providing optometrists with advanced clinical equipment to support them in performing at their best is foundational,” said McIntyre. “But we understand optometrists want more so we’ve committed to providing the best clinical and personal development in the industry. We offer options that include clinical interests, leadership training, and mentorship. We have a global-backed professional support service, but it’s not provided in a cookie-cutter way. As a result, I think our optometrists recognize that we’re invested in supporting their unique ambitions and goals whether that is for an employed or business-ownership role.”

When asked about specifics, McIntyre spoke to the company’s development program, Pathway.

“Pathway is a unique Specsavers development program for those who are interested in upskilling for future business ownership. The program is flexible, which means optometrists set their pace of learning and select modules which provide them the most value to achieve their goals. Pathway empowers optometrists to personally transform their career with the support of the world’s largest network of optometrists.”

“We frequently ask ourselves how we can continuously improve the offering, and it always comes back to listening to what optometrists want. As we continue to enhance our programs around the needs and wants of local optometrists, we are excited to be building a community at Specsavers Canada where our optometrists can provide their input on the direction of their business or practice and feel genuinely heard,” said McIntyre.

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