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By Denis Langlois

February is often referred to as the month of love.

Smack dab in the middle of this shortest month on the calendar is Valentine’s Day, an occasion that has been celebrated by people around the world for centuries.

Both the ancient Romans and those in ancient Greece observed mid-winter celebrations that some historians believe inspired the way Valentine’s Day is marked to this day.

St. Valentine’s Day was added to the liturgical calendar around 500 AD to honour Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni, but was removed in the 1960s.

Today, Valentine’s Day is mostly viewed as an opportunity for couples to celebrate and show their love and dedication to one another. But it is also a day marked by schoolchildren, families and communities as a way to show appreciation for others.

Long associated with Valentine’s Day are the colours red and pink, which are also hues that many people link to love and desire.

In honour of Valentine’s Day – and the month of love – here are some new frames that embrace these beloved colours.

  1. Bally Eyewear BY0004 by Marcolin Group
  2. FYSH F-2054 by WestGroupe.
  3. Ice Cream IC9135 by Plan “B” Eyewear.

4 & 5. kate spade new york Kimberlee and Britton/G/S and Britton/G/S.

  1. Leeanne by Spectacle Eyeworks.
  2. Raven Bay by Blackfin.
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