By David Goldberg

Essilor’s signature progressive lens is getting a makeover.

“Because presbyopes need to keep up with their active lifestyle, Varilux Comfort Max adapts to the profile of each wearer to offer them a larger useful vision zone for greater flexibility in their physical movements and postures,” says Marion Aymond, Varilux and progressive lenses brand manager for Essilor Canada.

Flex Optim technology adjusts the lens progression profile to each customer’s prescription, making it possible to enlarge the useful vision zone by +46% compared to Varilux Comfort 3.0.

The wearer’s postural flexibility is thereby improved allowing more natural physical positions when wearing the lenses, throughout the day.

“We are convinced that Varilux Comfort Max will help eyecare professionals equip young presbyopes and encourage them to adopt progressive lenses,” adds Aymond. “The latest Varilux innovation is a reliable vision solution and great value, in line with their customers’ demanding and connected lifestyle.”


The latest photochromic lens offering from Centennial is CHOICE PhotoActiv, available in 1.50 index and 1.67 high index finished and semi-finished single-vision.

“CHOICE PhotoActiv technology provides consistent performance in all climates and darkens rapidly to a neutral grey sunglass tint, fading back to full clarity indoors,” explains Rick Leroux, Centennial’s marketing and communications director. 

“PhotoActiv technology ensures even distribution of photochromic molecules over the surface of the lens and the product provides consistent performance in all climates and seasons with excellent durability.”

PhotoActiv lenses also provide 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection.


Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses are engineered with new proprietary technology that delivers the best overall photochromic lens performance.

“The new Transitions Signature GEN 8 lens technology allows a new frontier of performance without compromise,” explains Arnaud Rajchenbach, marketing manager, Transitions.

“Not only are Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses faster in activation and fadeback, they are even darker than previous generations.”

The lenses also block 100 per cent UV and help protect from harmful blue light indoors and out. Amber, amethyst, emerald and sapphire are now available. The four vibrant style colours help create a unique offering for patients.

All lens style colours include faster activation and faster fadeback than Transitions Signature VII and become fully clear indoors and with consistent tint across all activation states.


Nikon Optical Canada Inc. is launching its new progressive lens: Presio Inspire.

For over 100 years, Nikon has delivered outstanding innovation in the development of ophthalmic lenses, becoming the market expert in high-precision optics.

Presio Inspire is a progressive lens designed with Aberration Filter Surface GEN I Technology to give patients a natural comfortable vision.

Progressive lens wearers will feel a noticeable visual improvement when switching to Presio Inspire, which is available in 1.50, 1.50 Transitions, 1.50POL, 1.60, 1.60 Transitions, 1.60POL, 1.67, 1.67 Transitions, 1.67POL, 1.74 and 1.74 Transitions, from total sphere +0.75D to +4.00D with renowned Nikon coatings H, HCC, ICE, SeeCoat Plus UV, SeeCoat Bright, SeeCoat Blue Premium.

The main advantages of Presio Inspire lenses include: 12 per cent wider intermediate vision; comfortable and natural vision; and fast adaptation time.


ZEISS Vision Care Canada has launched the ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio, a new lens design concept that addresses the evolving visual needs and challenges posed by today’s digital and busy lifestyle.

ZEISS SmartLife is now available to all independent ZEISS eye care professionals nationwide.

Over the past 10 years, the shift towards using technology while on-the-go has profoundly changed the way we use our eyes and resulted in a growing number of eyeglass wearers reporting symptoms of eyestrain, tired eyes, head and neck aches.

ZEISS researchers explored this trend to determine how eyeglass lenses could evolve in response to the 21st century digital lifestyle.

The new ZEISS SmartLlife lens portfolio is designed around our modern lifestyle with the goal of offering greater all-day comfort. The new portfolio is further fine-tuned by age group and visual requirements to follow our continuum care objective.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our new ZEISS SmartLife portfolio,” says Bryan Rossi, general manager of ZEISS Vision Care Canada. “Our lifestyles have evolved and we are constantly on-the-move with our smart devices. We are now able to offer an ophthalmic lens which will meet today’s digital visual demands. ZEISS SmartLife offers superior visual comfort and a full continuum of care for patients of all ages. We are excited to hear from our partners and their patients on how ZEISS SmartLife lenses perform in the market.”


Camber technology combines the complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction.

“The Camber is an incredible free-form progressive lens,” touts Plastic Plus founder Paul Faibish.

The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designed lens blank allows expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision.

When combined with a sophisticated back surface digital design, both surfaces work together to accommodate an expanded Rx range to offer more flattering aesthetics for many prescriptions and yield user-preferred near-vision performance.

“We have several hyperope optometrists who’ve told us that it’s the best progressive they’ve ever worn,” says Faibish.


Hoya is proud to offer some new outstanding products in 2020 that will help enhance your patient experience.

First, things couldn’t get any clearer than with Hoya’s new and improved progressive design iD LifeStyle 3. 

“Hoya’s patented Binocular Harmonization technology which is specially designed to provide effortless focus, excellent depth and stable vision for patients with anisometropia, which affects approximately 7 out of 10 people,” says Hoya Vision Canada’s Marketing Manager Christine Le Brasseur.

There are three different designs to choose from:

LifeStyle 3 Indoor: For presbyopes who spend a lot of their time indoors, looking at digital devices or reading. 

LifeStyle 3 Urban: For presbyopes who are active, always on the go but also enjoy reading books and using their digital devices. 

LifeStyle 3 Outdoor: For presbyopes who primarily wear their correction for distance use, but still need to see their phone and other near materials.

iD LifeStyle 3 can also be paired with the latest and most durable anti-reflective coating on the market; EX3+.