The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) has updated, its website focused on providing evidence-based guidance regarding COVID-19 and contact lenses, with more resources for eye care professionals and wearers. These include:

  • Translated versions of its popular Contact Lens Wear and Coronavirus infographic, which presents the five facts that wearers need to know during the pandemic. High-resolution PDF files suitable for download, social media and printing are available in 17 languages, with additional languages pending (with thanks to EUROMCONTACT for coordination).
  • An animated 60-second white board video that explains five facts for contact lens and spectacles wearers, based on the newly-published peer-reviewed paper, in an engaging way.
  • Individual videos with each author of “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Important Considerations for Contact Lens Practitioners,” published this month in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye.
  • An extended, moderated “Behind the Science” video discussion with all five paper authors about their work. continues to include a rich selection of additional content, including links to the paper, a special edition of Contact Lens Update, links to COVID-19 recommendations from multiple professional bodies worldwide, and materials for ECPs to use with wearers to promote safe, compliant practices.