The Spanish company ZEN Barcelona has chosen COS as the exclusive distributor of its eyewear in Canada. From the first presentation of their successful collection in 2005 at SILMO’s fair to today, ZEN Barcelona has been increasing its presence in the optical market, and is today sold in more than 40 countries.
“COS is very happy to have concluded an agreement with ZEN Barcelona to be its exclusive distributor in Canada, says Canadian Optical Supply president, Robert Hochstadter. ZEN Barcelona is a company of both innovation and quality, just as COS is. Its trendy collections will complete our offer and help us reach even more customers.”
The first sketches of what soon became ZEN Barcelona were created in 2004 based on the will of Paco Castañeda. He was looking to create art different from mass-production and conformity.
As the CEO of D & R Optical, Paco Castañeda had the vision that eyewear is not only made to help people see: they are also made to be seen themselves! His inspiration of bright and intense colours comes from Barcelona, the city where the brand was born.
In collaboration with the Department of Innovation and Technology of the University of Barcelona (UAB), the brand researched new non-pollutant frame materials such as their
coconut fibre and other organic material.
ZEN Barcelona focuses its R&D on a concept of purity, talented performance and disciplined finish, while maintaining a consciousness for ecology and being in harmony with the environment.
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