Expertscape has recognized multiple scientists and researchers at the Waterloo’s Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) as among the world’s most respected contact lens authorities.

Lyndon Jones, CORE’s director, was ranked as the Number 1 global expert. The University of Waterloo placed second among institutions.

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“I’m humbled to be recognized alongside so many peers from around the world who are constantly adding to the growing and fascinating body of knowledge surrounding various contact lens-related topics,” said Dr. Jones. “They are close collaborators, incredibly talented professionals and personal friends in many cases. Day in and day out at CORE, I’m privileged to partner with the most dedicated and brilliant leaders in the field. It’s our life’s work and such an honour to be recognized for the contributions our team has made—and there’s so much more ahead.”

Three other CORE team members are also ranked among the top 60 contact lens experts: #23 Desmond Fonn, distinguished professor emeritus and founding director; #48 Doerte Luensmann, senior clinical scientist; and #58 Chau-Minh Phan, postdoctoral fellow.

Two faculty members at the School of Optometry & Vision Science at the University of Waterloo are also among the top 60: #25 professor Luigina Sorbara; and #45 professor Trefford Simpson.

In addition, the list includes four former CORE staff members who have transitioned to roles across the ophthalmic spectrum, including research and development roles with global manufacturers, consultancies and academic centers.