Coastal Contacts Inc., the world’s largest online eyewear retailer, today announced a rebrand of to Clearly™. The rebrand marks one year since the world’s leading lens company, Essilor acquired the Canadian founded eyewear brand Coastal Contacts Inc.

“We are now the largest online eyewear retailer in the world and in a lot of ways, we simply outgrew our name. Our new service offering, expanded product selection and online technology have evolved and we no longer felt our customers would understand the extent of our new offering without a rebrand,” said Roy Hessel, CEO of Clearly. “The name Clearly aligns with our overall mission to help people see clearly, fight poor vision and ambition to make vision care accessible to one billion pairs of eyes by 2030.”

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing landscape, Hessel chose to spend his first year on the development and refinement of a world-class customer experience. With the rollout of the rebrand, customers will notice a wider selection of lenses to choose from, including KODAK BlueReflect Lens. With the expansion of lens offerings, Clearly will also integrate lens education throughout its order process allowing customers the chance to choose which lenses they’d like to purchase for their particular needs. Additionally, Clearly has launched a style service where by appointment, vision ambassadors will make frame and lens recommendations based on a customer’s prescription, photo, style preference, and sizing.

“As we launch new programs and products, we want to ensure we’re educating our customers on all of our new offerings,” said Hessel. “To complement our customers’ own eye care health provider, we have on staff opticians on our vision care team as a resource to educate on new lenses and contact lens care.”