Spectacle Eyeworks Inc, the Canadian design house, is introducing “changeable Brow Pieces” with Styles Frida & Sourcil. These new styles would be lunched at VEW & SiLMO 2014 simultaneously!

Frida & Sourcil each come with 5 different colors of Brow pieces, originally inspired by quote from prominent artist Frida Kahlo “Nothing is absolute, everything changes, everything moves, everything revolutionizes…”; these designs represent diversity, agility and change with their changing color “brow pieces”. These frames allow a chameleon like versatility!

Mehran Baghaie, Operations Director and Chief Designer at Spectacle Eyeworks, says “I really wanted to allow consumers a color multiplicity and further color coordination with these styles and multi-color brow pieces”

All frames include a signature case, 5 colors of brow piece, and two years warranty. For more information please call toll-free 1 888 722 3322 or check out their website at www.spec-eyeworks.com