As fire continues to spread across Fort McMurray, the toll is beginning to show as residents who left with nothing but their clothes on their back require daily medical needs. This includes glasses, contacts and lens solutions.
The team at Canadian Vision Care has begun putting together a task force to assist residents of the fire ravaged community with getting the eye care they need.
Canadian Vision Care has been helping people around the world get the vision care they need in times of crisis or lack of resources.
In partnership with CVC, members of EyeXperts are offering their services for free to ensure that those that need care do not have to worry about getting help.

Purpose of program
CVC believes in being there in the time of need. The recent fires in Fort McMurray are the largest Canadian disaster since the Halifax explosion nearly 100 years ago. Today thousands of Fort McMurray residents have been evacuated from their homes, forcing them to leave behind essentials such as glasses, contacts and other eye needs. CVC has partnered with industry leaders across Canada to make sure that these needs are met in the face of this tragic event.

What CVC will coordinate
CVC will facilitate helping residents get access to an OD through our networks and buying group partners.

What products will you replace
With the industry partners we will work with ODs to provide services including free access to lenses and frames for residents of Fort McMurray.
ODs will be receive lenses at no charge and will be reimbursed equal value for frames.

How the replacement of products will take place
ODs will keep records of the patients they serviced as a result of this disaster and our suppliers will provide reimbursement.

How the information on which clinics the public will go to
Partnering ODs will be asked to fill out their contact information so that we can create a database to connect those in need with an OD.

How long this venture will last
We anticipate there will be an initial surge and that demand will last between 3 – 6 months.
The program will be reassessed with the national and provincial associations on a monthly basis to determine ongoing need.

We are calling on our partners, both members and non-members, to put their names forward to be of assistance in any way possible to supply offices and clinics with extra supplies.
Eyecare Providers Interested in Helping Can Sign Up HERE