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Canadian Speed Skater Kim Boutin Champions Blanchard Onefit™ MED Scleral Lenses from CooperVision Specialty EyeCare

Canadian speed skater Kim Boutin is a new advocate of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare, championing Blanchard Onefit™ MED scleral lenses. Clear, comfortable vision is critical for her athletic success. 
“Kim is an inspiring athlete who exposes her eyes to tough conditions, but she isn’t letting that get in the way of what she loves to do,” said Jean Blanchard,president of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “We’re proud that Blanchard’s specialty product gives her the unique solution she needs to compete at the highest levels.”
Boutin, a Canadian medalist in short track speed skating, began wearing Onefit™ scleral lenses after Blanchard observed her competing one day. He noticed she wore contact lenses during the race but glasses on the podium.
“With the air drying out my soft lenses and the wind making my eyes water, I often dealt with discomfort, fluctuating vision and occasionally a lens popping out while racing. I needed a lens that would be comfortable from the time I started my race through to the finish,” said Boutin.
Now wearing Onefit™ scleral lenses, Boutin enjoys protection from wind, dust and debris, reliable vision performance and exceptional comfort. Without fear of losing a lens mid-race, she can go for gold—something she’s done time and time again this year, winning four gold medals in all four 500-meter races she’s competed in. Her performance during one of these competitions even set the 500-meter race world record.
Boutin will be featured in CooperVision social media, PR and marketing campaigns throughout 2020.
“Kim Boutin is a champion in her field, but also a shining example of an eye care victory,” shared Juan Carlos Aragon, president of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare. “Solving tough vision challenges is central to CooperVision Specialty EyeCare and will serve as a winning foundation for our collaboration.”
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