Briot/Weco Canada, the leader in lens edging technology introduces the new Alta Zd, excellence by design. The innnovative Alta Zd, the newest edger from Briot/Weco Canada, comes equipped with capabilities that not only position it as the fastest retail edger on the market, but also meets every requirement for high end edging.
The Alta Zd offers distinct software and capabilities that ensure customized and best aesthetic fit for high wrap frames, complex patterns, and customized lens shapes. Briot/Weco’s newest design offers maximum creativity, extraordinary stability, and boasts flawless execution of the most complex jobs with speed, precision, and ease. The small finishing wheel allows for elaborate finishing capability while reducing the use of the drill/mill tool.
The Alta Zd is also fully versatile and easily adapts to individual requirements including a partial processing function and ability to combine a groove together with a V-Bevel. This machine delivers consistent and reliable results with accuracy measuring 1/100th of a millimeter.
The brand new Alta Zd will be available to the Canadian market in May 2013.
For more information about the Alta Zd, please contact Briot/Weco Canada at 1-800-667-3019