Bollé Safety, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of safety eyewear, is proud to announce its seeing significant progress against its stated goal of improving its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.

The company set aggressive ESG Goals in 2021 and recently published its 2023 ESG report which highlights a range of initiatives undertaken to address key sustainability concerns and ensure a positive impact on the environment and society.

“Each year, our focus on the environmental crisis and social challenges intensifies. We steadily integrate ESG across our daily operations, implementing robust tools and programs to engage all stakeholders on our sustainability path,” said Quentin Chapelain, Global Head of ESG for Bollé.

The 2023 Sustainable Development Report outlines Bollé Safety’s dedication to integrating ESG principles into its business practices, encouraging transparency, responsibility, and sustainability across its operations. The company’s ESG commitments encompass three main areas:

●      Environmental Stewardship – Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the year 2027. Since 2021 the company reports it has made significant changes that have led to an average reduction of 6 percent in emissions per product, reaching up to 8 percent in certain categories. The company has also set a goal to ensure that 95 percent of all of its packaging is eco-friendly by the end of 2024. The company also has a stated goal of reducing energy consumption by 30 percent across all production facilities while at the same time diverting over 70 percent of waste from landfills.

●      Social Responsibility – Bollé Safety recognizes the importance of supporting and investing in its employees and communities. The company actively promotes a safe and inclusive work environment, offering equal opportunities, fostering diversity, and prioritizing employee well-being. The company reports that 96 percent of its strategic suppliers have subscribed to the company’s Code of Conduct and 49 percent have undergone an ethical audit in the past two years.

●      Governance – Bollé Safety is continuously looking to improve its standards in corporate governance, ensuring accountability, ethical practices, and legal compliance. The company’s leadership team prioritizes transparent decision-making, effective risk management, and responsible business conduct. The company is committed to providing CSR training to 100 percent of its employees by 2024. To date, 92 percent of its employees have received training through the Climate Fresk program.

Bolle Safety has been calculating its biodiversity footprint since 2022 using the Global Diversity Score (GBS) methodology. The company also notes its 2023 Fiscal Year was a crucial year for its ESG program as the company strives to become B Corp certified in 2024.


About Bollé Safety  

Created more than 130 years ago in France, Bollé Safety is the global PPE Eyewear Specialist (Personal Protective Equipment). As an international player, Bollé Safety offers a wide range of innovative eye protection products that are comfortable, designed and adapted to each market segment (construction, health, energy, heavy industry, defense, clean rooms, automotive, office automation, etc.), with a growing focus on Eco-conception. In more than 100 countries, Bollé Safety equips 20 million workers with products that improve their performance and well-being, from the moment there are risks for the face and the eyes, even in extreme environments. Since 2021, the brand has accelerated its CSR approach. This approach focuses on the measure of its impacts, product, and packaging innovations as well as internal commitments. To learn more please visit: