• Group carbon emissions of each of its products will be reduced by 35% by 2027 with 90% of its products range eco-designed.
  • Ambitious transformation project underpinned by ambition to achieve international B-Corp certification by 2024.

Bollé Brands Group (Bollé, Bollé Safety, SPY+ and Serengeti), a world leader in the design, conception and production of innovative and sustainable performance safety, sport, lifestyle and fashion sunglasses, ski and bike helmets and goggles, has today unveiled the results of it first ESG report. Bollé Brands undertook extensive research across its operations in order to identify environmental and social opportunities across its operations and products to implement sustainable practices. The key recommendations of the report will see Bollé Brands reducing CO2 emissions and lowering the environmental impact of products and packaging and, beyond environmental impacts alone, transforming the value chain over the long term.

“Our environmental and social commitments are at the heart of our strategy to help reduce our impact on the planet and the communities where we operate. On one hand, we want to limit our negative impacts by accurately assessing them and putting in place the right action plans. On the other hand, we want to maximize our positive impact by inventing tomorrow’s solutions. In keeping with the spirit of our company, we see these challenges as opportunities for innovation and value creation.” Peter Smith, President & CEO Bollé Brands


As a global leader, Bollé Brands is committed to reducing the carbon emissions of each of its products by at least 35% by 2027 and to keeping 100% of its production outsourced. A significant part of the Group’s carbon footprint is related to the life cycle of its products (>75%), this project is a priority with a clear objective: to offer 50% of its products eco-designed by 2025, rising to 90% by 2027. 100% of its packaging will be eco-friendly by 2025.

In line with the new strategic commitment to transforming the value chain over the long term, Bollé Brands approaches its transformation in a global and sustainable way. The Group’s new ESG strategy has a number of actions to improve its social impact including:


  • Ensuring ethical labor practices in the supply chain with 100% of strategic suppliers signing a new code of conduct which establishes a shared commitment to ESG business practices. Bollé Brands suppliers are committing to meeting the same standards and expectations as the group regarding environmental, social, and governance practices.
  • A renewed focus on employee diversity and inclusion, ensuring all employees have equal opportunities for growth and success. Bollé Brands believes that diverse perspectives drive innovation and enable the company to better serve its customers and communities, and this is underpinned by a commitment to have 40% female representation at all levels of the business.
  • A roadmap that aims to inscribe the company’s social and environmental purpose directly in its legal statutes. The company has chosen to achieve B Corp certification, a third-party certification that assesses a company’s overall impact on its workers, community, environment, and customers.

The goal is to place ESG and impact thinking in all decision making. To develop this culture within the company 90% of employees have already participated in ESG training, 15 ESG ambassadors have been appointed with 30 ESG awareness and well-being actions set up for employees.

“We are a company that has a long heritage and we are very aware of our responsibility to future generations. This ESG report goes beyond an environmental strategy, it also encompasses the social side and governance. Our commitment to this new ESG program is a signpost of our dedication to building a more sustainable and equitable future for all those we interact with and make an impact on. Through this program and how it will improve our business operations, we aim to not only reduce risks and enhance our reputation but also to drive positive impact for our stakeholders and the customers we serve.” Quentin Chapelain, ESG Manager

For more information, the full report can be read here.


Press Contact: Sandie Tourondel | sandie.tourondel@bollebrands.com

About Bollé Brands Group

From its global headquarters in Lyon in, France, Bollé Brands Group is a world leader in the design, conception and production of innovative and sustainable performance sport, lifestyle and fashion sunglasses, ski and bike helmets and goggles. In addition, the company’s safety division, Bollé Safety, provides technology-based lens applications and treatments developed explicitly for protective eyewear and is a leading global manufacturer of protective eyewear worn by first responders, military, healthcare professionals, industrial workers, shooting enthusiasts and hunters all around the world.