By Jody Johnson-Petit

Frames with oversized fronts, vintage designs and streamlined styles are each expected to be popular among female consumers in 2018.

“Some of the trends you will see are oversized frames in acetate with a rounded profile that offer a retro-modern look,” says Edu Pitarch, creative director at Etnia Barcelona. “In the case of metal frames, softly angular, light profiles reveal a clear 1970s influence.”


Etnia Barcelona is bringing a new twist of elegance and modernity to its Vintage and Originals collections for the season, with new models in prescription frames and sunglasses.

Pitarch notes there is a shifting in tastes among females.

“Classic shapes are always in demand, but we are seeing that female consumers are into unique shapes and colours that are very much fashion forward,” says Pitarch.

Etnia Barcelona notes there is a new colour stand-out this year, but blush and rose gold continue to be very popular.


“You will see that there is a new turquoise that was introduced throughout the new collection,” says Pitarch. “We are also loving the translucent colours, such as pink or orange, and we continue to use rose gold metals.”

Other trends include frames with a combination of acetate and metal.

“We also see a trend in cat eye shapes and very fashion forward styles, such as the Brindisi, Biarritz, Riga, Tribeca Sun, and Yaletown Sun.”

Marchon Eyewear offers hints of the past with new designs from Calvin Klein eyewear.

MARCHON Calvin Klein CK5990 Profile-426

In the optical collection, model CK5990 is inspired by nostalgia. This deepened teacup style reinvents a classic shape and is feminine yet bold.

The popularity of round frames is evident in model CK8056S, which updates a classic look into a modern, eyewear statement. These frames feature a fusion of mixed materials – a sleek metal rim encased in luxe colour blocked zyl, creating a “reverse” Windsor rim effect.

The trend of streamlined frames is noticeable with model CK8568, which has clean, sharp lines helping define it as a modernized cat-eye style.

MARCHON Longchamp LO102S Profile-001

The standout in the new collection from Longchamp Paris is sunglass model LO102S. This round frame with butterfly-effect angles is made entirely from metal and defined with thin, light lines and comes in black, gold and rose gold.

Paul Storace, CEO of Alternative Eyewear Inc., says oversized rounds are becoming more and more popular for women.

“Round frames in wire or extremely thin acetate seem to be a growing and continuing trend. Women are definitely moving away from the huge chunky look, but the eye sizes are getting bigger and rounder,” he says.


This trend is visible in the new Alternative Eyewear Ice Cream model 9091, which is a thin acetate but with a larger eye-size and even more round frame.

Other hints of vintage-inspired fashions are still noticeable in 2018.

“Square and rectangle shapes are still fabulous and present in many designs,” says Storace. “An under-exaggerated cat eye is also a popular shape. It gives the lift of a cat eye without the extreme look a cat-eye can sometimes create.”


Ice cream model 9082 is an understated cat eye with clean lines, while model 9089 is a round thin acetate shape with feminine colouring.

“Vintage details are also big, with pressings and embellishes on temples and bridges,” says Storace.

Model 9092 features a thin acetate with blush colouring in a classic rectangle shape. It also includes some vintage inspired details on the temples.

Alternative Eyewear notes that while acetate remains the popular choice for frame material, thin wire is growing in popularity.


“Styles are getting more refined with less clutter on the frame. Sleek, colourful, classic,” says Storace. “Hyper-thin acetate is very present right now, which lets people have the plastic look they love without it being too ‘chunky’. Metals in rounds are popular with a thin wire look.”

Westgroupe is also noticing a change in Canadian women’s eyewear trends towards thin and sleek frames.

“Profiles are becoming thinner for both metal and acetate frames and, although there is a move to cleaner designs, intricate detailing is a key trend for 2018,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development. “Although acetate continues to be strong, we are continuing to see a slow shift toward metals, in both thin eye wire as well as flat metal.”

WESTGROUPE – F-3595 c786

These trends are visible in WestGroupe FYSH UK models F-3595 and F-3598.

According to Suliteanu, many of the trends we saw in 2017 will maintain popularity in 2018 with slight refinements.

“Cat-eyes, round and angular shapes continue to trend for women’s eyewear, but we are seeing a decrease in the B measurement, as opposed to the oversized retro shapes we have been seeing over the last few years,” says Suliteanu.

There is a wide range of colour trends happening for 2018 with neutral shades leading the way.

WESTGROUPE – F-3596-787

“New metal styles will be available in a wide range of textures and patterns,” says Suliteanu. “Combination frames will continue to uptrend with a variety of finishes such as matte vs shiny. For acetate, key colour trends include transparent neutrals, nudes and light translucents, traditional and coloured torts, and unexpected colour combinations through custom lamination,” says Suliteanu.

“With the resurgence of metals underway, lighter shades of soft and rose gold, pewter and silver work well on thin metals while deep, rich tones compete with strong vivid tones in the flat metal arena.”