By David Goldberg

Blue light is all around us.

Every time you step outside, you’re literally bathing in blue light rays emanating from the sun and it’s actually not bad for you.

So why did blue light get such a reputation in recent years?

According to a Market Study Report, the global market for blue light eyewear will grow to $24 million in 2024, up from just $18 million in 2019.

Dr. Sunir Garg, an ophthalmologist in Philadelphia, explains why lens manufacturers have been taking such a keen interest in blue light-blocking technology.

“What happens to some folks is that when they get intense light exposure before bedtime, perhaps with any light, perhaps particularly with blue light, it can mess up their circadian rhythm…that’s not true of everybody, but there’s some people that can definitely be an issue.”

In recent years, some people have been led to believe that blue light can physically damage your eyes.

Dr. Garg wants to set the record straight: It just isn’t true.

“There’s zero clinical evidence that blue light is damaging to the health of the eye,” explains Garg.

But getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important, especially in these stressful times. So if blue light-blocking lenses can help us fall asleep at night without having to sacrifice our productivity throughout the day, why wouldn’t you use them?

Here’s the latest and greatest in blue light-blocking technology from the world’s most trusted brands.


Centennial’s Choice BluSelect family of lens products understands the science of blue light.

“These lenses allow the transmission of lower-energy, beneficial blue light that helps regulate circadian rhythms, boosts alertness, elevates mood and improves cognitive functions,” says Centennial’s marketing director Rick Leroux.

“However, they’re also packed with advanced light-filtering technology that goes above and beyond international standards to offer complete UV and HEV protection.”

Choice BluSelect lenses are available in six different lens materials and in single-vision, anti-fatigue, office lenses, bifocals and digitally customized progressive lenses.  

Optimized for indoors and outdoors, these lenses are primed for a wide variety of daily activities. 


Hoya launched TrueBlue in January.

It’s a melanin lens technology that selectively limits the amount of blue light that reaches the retina.

“TrueBlue offers three indoor versions with various levels of filtration depending on the patients’ need,” explains spokesperson Dale Mouscous. 

“Instead of being applied as an AR coating, the pigment is embedded in the lens itself.”

The lenses also claim to filter out the harmful portion of the blue light spectrum and reduce digital eye strain associated with artificial blue light from all of our devices. 

All of this while maintaining colour balance, improving contrast and reducing glare.


The UV420 lens from Plastic Plus takes a slightly different approach to blue light-blocking technology.

Rather than just a coating, the blue-blocking properties are built inside the lens. 

These lenses have excellent UV-blocking performance and last longer because scratches to the surface do not degrade their function.

Vice-president Jason Faibish says this is what makes the lens a superior product in such a competitive market. 

“Our UV420 product is virtually the same clarity of a normal lens, but it gives you all the blue-blocking and protection that you’re looking for without the annoying glare or that blue tint you sometimes see. It’s mixing aesthetics with functionality.”

The lens can benefit anybody who spends a lot of time outdoors or in front digital devices.


Alternative Eyewear’s Interface models are available with a blue-blocking skin, which is perfect for night driving and blue light protection.

The company recently released new Interface models to its collection.

Each of the new frames features the patented interface skin technology that transforms ophthalmic frames into a seamless sunglass in seconds.

Need a break from all those screens? Slip on the blue-blocking skin.

The new release showcases exceptional frame design, featuring flattering eye shapes and a wide range of sizing. Expert colour finishes bring a level of luxury to the look and feel of these models.

As always, Interface promises no ghosting, gapping, hooks or magnets, just a seamless transformative eyewear experience.