The keynote for this summer is lightness according to Blackfin, the all-Italian eyewear brand produced by Pramaor. The two frames in the ZERO Edge line in beta-titanium display all that brand’s powerful personality, a unique combination of technology, quality and style. Barely a year since it made its debut on the market, the ultra-lightweight Blackfin ZERO Edge collection is completed with two sunglasses, models that are the perfect synthesis of design, research, fashion and personality in which maximum style is complemented by featherweight appeal.

Model BF714 JAVA has instant impact. A frame that almost disappears, its huge square lenses are the star of the show, imparting a bold yet understated feminine look. The colour variations recall the Blackfin identity, echoing the dominant opacity of black frames with silver mirrored lenses, or dark brown frames with toning lenses in shades of brown/beige. The only exception is the opaque midnight-blue version with the exciting purple mirrored multi-layer lenses, a truly original colour contrast.

Model BF713 PERRY for men is a smash hit with lovers of classic linear design. The squared-off lenses are set in a frame featuring dark, brushed colours such as natural titanium with mirrored lenses, opaque brown with dark-tinted lenses or the opaque black frame available with polarised lenses for high-quality vision. Both frames, in beta-titanium, display all the unique features of the Blackfin ZERO Edge line: ATOM ZERO flexi-joints, patented SWORDFISH MINI temple-tips whose break-off guides make it possible to shorten the temples in three simple moves, extreme flexibility and incredible lightness, up to 70% lighter than similar steel frames. All Blackfin frames are made to the neomadeinitaly standard, a term word coined by Pramaor to define the identity of our eyewear. These are products that embody not only that unique cross-fertilisation of tradition, culture, innovation and technology, but also respect for people and the environment, each model bearing the hallmarks of authentic Italian excellence.