Set amid an all-white series of parallel theater wings, four models – two male and two female – gracefully approach. By design, the set for the new Blackfin collection creates a perspective in which the eye is naturally drawn to the product, where the power of color makes it the true focal point of attention.

The decision to employ a single creative language to portray the entire Spring/Summer 2024 collection emphasizes the intent to craft an organic, unified brand narrative.

Each Blackfin product family is expressed through consistent imagery that reflects a high level of product maturity and greater awareness of its own stylistic identity.

Blackfin One, with its dual creative, timeless spirit exemplifies the brand’s genetic heritage in which design and technology merge to form a unique product with boldly colorful impact. In Blackfin Pacific, the lightness of titanium is conveyed through thin frames that blend the inspiration of retro Japanese lines with sophisticated California style, now also in a sun version. Blackfin Atlantic reveals its British inclination in frames with a bold personality. Blackfin Aero, the ultralight rimless with supreme strength. Lastly, Blackfin Sun embraces all four families with a selection of styles that perfect the brand’s stylistic journey.

All of the styles in the SS 2024 collection are produced at the Black Shelter – Casa Clima Work&Life-certified company headquarters set among the Dolomite Mountains – through the impeccable fusion of artisan mastery and cutting-edge production skills. A feat that highlights the company’s commitment not only to the aesthetics and functionality of its products, but also to a comprehensive sustainable approach based on the neomadeinitaly philosophy.