Blackfin titanium frames pair with Barberini pure mineral glass lenses. Enter AirGlassLight as Air, Clear as Glass, for a superior visual experience.

The two Italian companies have combined their expertise to introduce a design product that pushes beyond the limits of weight, achieving the perfect balance between lightness and quality. Weighing just 9 grams more than the corresponding plastic lenses, the new Blackfin AirGlass are a distillation of artisan mastery and innovation.

Blackfin AirGlass lenses, with high-quality Barberini mineral glass, overcome the limitations of plastic lenses, eliminating distortion and aberrations. These cutting-edge polarized lenses offer a clearer view of the world, neutralizing glare and reflections to minimize eye fatigue. Blackfin Ultra-HDR technology, made possible thanks to the addition by Barberini of rare-earth elements like neodymium, praseodymium and erbium, noticeably improves the perception of colors and contrasts. Highly resistant to scratches and wear over time, the lenses offer enhanced color quality and exceptional clarity. They also undergo oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments, ensuring clear, unaltered vision under all conditions, with enhanced protection from UV radiation and intrusive reflections.

With AirGlass, Blackfin and Barberini redefine the standards of excellence in vision for a new optical experience – Light as Air, Clear as Glass.