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Beyond Plaid Eyewear launches new collections for North America

Michael Pachleitner Group has announced a Beyond Plaid partnership.

Beyond Plaid Eyewear takes fashion eyewear in a new direction with unique Collections launching throughout North America in January of 2018.

Michael Pachleitner Group of Austria is a leading lab and design house with a successful and distinctive in-house team responsible for creating the Daniel Hechter Rx and Sun lines as well as the Kioto Nakamura Collections.

“We offer something different to our clients. We offer Brands that stand out from the everyday designs being offered by the mainstream established companies,” says Beyond Plaid President Don Coulson. Daniel Hechter is a beautifully produced line with really distinctive designs and Kioto Nakamura is a lot of fun, with unexpected textures and colours appealing to the young-at-heart. Our Beyond Plaid Originals Collection when released in time for Vision Expo East in New York, will complement these lines with classic shapes, strong colour combinations and treatments, while being produced with the finest materials available at great pricing.”

Contact the Beyond Plaid Frame Company at 844-611-5532 or

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