By Denis Langlois

Flashback to the days of Flashdance.

Anything “bright and neon” will be popular for eyewear this fall, according to The Vision Council’s Eyecessorize campaign.

“Though it’s 2018, eyewear this autumn will make us feel as though we’ve been transported back to the ‘80s, with chunky oval, chic cat-eye and heart shapes, classy aviators with mod twists, tinted lenses, especially in the primary colours, and retro-striped, polka dot and houndstooth prints, plus so much more,” Lindsey Ruhe, eyewear expert for The Vision Council, tells Optical Prism magazine.

Hot pinks, intense teals, scarlet reds, vibrant yellows, glowing oranges and lime greens will be among the tubular hues for fall.

“With the new season comes a resurgence of frame styles reminiscent of past decades plus an infusion of looks inspired by all parts of the world,” Ruhe adds.

More information on the fall trend kit by Eyecessorize, The Vision Council’s campaign to increase awareness of the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear, can be found at