By Denis Langlois

A new two-piece eyewear collection, inspired by Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto, will be hitting optical stores in Canada and around the world this month.

The Inspired by Jared Leto collection by Carrera, the lifestyle and sports eyewear brand that is part of Safilo Group’s proprietary brand portfolio, features both a unisex sun and optical model which incorporate ‘60s retro aesthetics with a contemporary and innovative edge, according to Safilo.

Both the new Carrera 150/S sunglasses and Carrera 144/V optical frames boast a classic rectangular shape that is crafted with a high-density acetate.


The 150/S is available in a colour palette that includes dark Havana, blue, black and a bold red.

The 144/V comes in light havana, dark havana, a red version with blue temples and a black version with silver details.

Here, Leto, who is the star of Carrera’s 2017 campaign, talks about the new collection and his passion for eyewear.

Q. What aspect of your style do you recognize in the sunglasses that are part of the Inspired by Jared Leto collection?

A. I think I’ve always been attracted to simplicity, to the classic, to good design. I think all of that is reflected in Carrera.

Q. What about the optical model: are you planning to wear it in your everyday life?

A. As much as I can.

Q. What about your relationship with sunglasses in general: can you tell us why you love this particular accessory?

A. I live in California, so sunglasses are a necessity. They’re a daily part of life. The sun is shining on most days here. I’m also an avid adventurer and outdoors person and so the right pair of sunglasses for me isn’t a luxury at all, it’s something that is absolutely necessary.

Q. What kind of people you imagine wearing the Inspired by Jared Leto collection?

A. I think creative people, individual people who walk a different path and are attracted to design and craftsmanship.