Essilor presents Optifog, a breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties. This unique new category of product, which has a visible benefit for the wearer, has proven very successful during the pre-launch phase. Optifog was also awarded a Silmo d’Or in the Vision category during Silmo 2011.

Foggy lenses: a real problem

In cold or temperate climates such as Canada, fog can be a particular problem for eyeglass wearers: for example, when moving from a cold to a heated environment, during outdoor activities (running, cycling, or skiing), when drinking hot beverages or when eating hot food, and also in many work environments, especially those in which safety or precision are a priority (surgeons wearing masks, workers with protective goggles).

Optifog: the only solution

Thanks to its unique technology, Optifog provides efficient, long-lasting fog-free vision. Anti-fog molecules form a hydrophilic top layer, with fog repellence properties, on the lens. Wearers then activate their Optifog lenses by applying a drop of Optifog Activator on each side and gently wiping the surface with the included microfiber cloth in order to coat the entire surface. When combined with this concentrate, the hydrophilic properties of the lens’ top layer prevent fog from appearing for up to one week.

Beyond fog-free vision

Optifog is available with the latest Crizal innovations. This technologically advanced combination provides the incredible scratch, glare and dust protection you expect from Crizal lenses with the most effective and durable anti-fog solution on the market.

For more information on lenses with Optifog, contact your Essilor Group representative.