By Denis Langlois

Tortoise is an eyewear design that refuses to go back in its shell.

Popular for decades, the look is both professional and mature and is an impactful alternative to traditional black.

While it might seem surprising to some now, tortoise-patterned glasses were once made with actual turtle shells. That practice was banned in the 1970s, but the style lived on thanks to acetate and plastic designs.

Tortoise-shell glasses are bold, stylish and on-trend for both men and women. The rising popularity of retro-inspired and hipster looks has only bolstered the demand for these stunning frames.

And, since it’s fall, the traditional tortoise hues of yellow, honey and brown make them perfect for any autumn wardrobe. Newer version of tortoise can also include or be dominated by more vibrant colours, like pink and purple, which gives the frames even more “pop.”

Here are some new spectacle styles that sport the beloved tortoise pattern.

  1. Paradigm 19-11 by Kenmark Eyewear.
  2. Red Rose Prato by Ogi Eyewear.
  3. Timberland City Force TB1642 by Marcolin Eyewear.
  4. Jimmy Choo MALAYA by Safilo.
  5. Evatik E-9180 by WestGroupe.
  6. RETRO Shawney by Spectacle Eyeworks.
  7. Staag Spectacles SG-Sanford by Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear.