After six years as the president of HOYA Vision Care Canada, Ahmos Henry announced his resignation with the company to accept another position as the CEO of Clear Medical Imaging based in Windsor Ontario which will commence shortly following his departure.

Henry joined HOYA in January 2014 where he was tasked with driving growth and innovation in the service platforms and product portfolio. He achieved those growth goals and exceeded expectations in the role.

During his time with HOYA, Henry has successfully transitioned the business to become one of the fastest growing companies in the optical industry. He has repositioned HOYA Vision Care Canada as a market leader by focusing on the technology and value of the brand and has successfully empowered his team to deliver the same message with passion and integrity; encompassing HOYA’s core values that his leadership was founded on.
Under his leadership, the company undertook a number of key growth initiatives. Among them was the implementation of various programs including the iD LifeStyle 3 “24-hour service” which expedites orders for one of HOYA’s premium products in record time. Henry has also completed various acquisitions to help strengthen the infrastructure and provide eye care professionals with more options to better support their patients.

Before his departure, Henry stated “It was a very difficult decision to leave the optical industry to venture into a new direction in my career when I consider both HOYA and the most amazing team that I have ever worked with. With that said, I have to add that I may be leaving the optical industry, but the optical industry will never leave me. I will be sure to stay in touch and watch as HOYA Canada continues to grow and lead the industry through innovation, technology and their allegiance to independent ECP’s.”

Bernard Lecavalier has been designated as the interim replacement who will assume Henry’ responsibilities in Canada until a permanent replacement has been chosen.

Bernard holds an MBA degree coupled with a Bachelor of Science from Université of Montreal and Université du Québec à Montréal. He has over 21 years’ experience in sales, training and sales management in the medical, optical and pharmaceutical field and has worked with HOYA since 2007.
HOYA Vision Care Canada will continue to focus on supporting the best interests of their business partners; the independent eye care professionals.

For more information, please contact your HOYA Territory Manager or our Customer Care Team at 1-888-258-4692.