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Adlens announces ambitious, game-changing project to embed electronics into eyewear

Adlens, the world leader in adjustable focus eyewear, announced today its key design project for the next two years that will integrate electronics into their ground-breaking lenses.

AdlensFocuss, the powerful and stylish adjustable prescription eyewear that is Precision Vision On Demand, launched in June 2015 and has been called the biggest optical innovation in over 50 years. Future generations of the eyewear and its technology will provide Adlens’ key opportunities to make an even greater impact across optical and consumer tech sectors.

Adlens have already defined an electronic architecture, adding the potential for new user interfaces, activity sensors, assisted focus or autofocus and heads-up display (HUD).

Dr Rob Stevens, Chief Technology Officer at Adlens said: “The initial design phase is almost complete; we’ve achieved slimmer frames, lighter components and identified an electronic approach that significantly advances the style and function of the glasses, enhancing user convenience.

Our body of work now is to achieve manufacturing efficiency for our second generation that matches the scalability achieved with the first generation, which we are well on the way to delivering.”

These advanced features open up AdlensFocuss to a multitude of possibilities. Eye-tracking sensors combined with monitoring of lens adjustment will provide health information, accessibility improvements and enhance a HUD capacity. Adlens will also explore moving to an auto-electronic adjustable focus system that will adapt the corrective power as your eye looks at different objects.

Dr Stevens continued: “Our ethos is firmly on improving day to day life and vision for everyone involved, while maintaining the need for fashion and personal style. Our devices will not tread near privacy invasion or tracking. We hope to partner with others in wearable technology to add precision vision to the list of benefits of eyewear with embedded electronics and computing.

Adlens strongly believe it is important their strategy will produce eyewear straddling both optical and consumer tech markets.

Dr Graeme Mackenzie, Research Optometrist and Director of Industry and Regulatory Affairs at Adlens said: “Consumers are living in a golden age of user-focussed technology: wearables, live-streaming, mobile ordering platforms, Internet of Things and limitless encyclopaedic knowledge available 24/7 through their phones. Sadly, the eyewear industry has not been fully able to embrace the technology trends that are shaping the way we go about our daily lives. Meeting the expectations of the next generation of eyewear user is going to require innovation that is as profound as the incredible imagination of its users. Adlens sees a path to bring about the convergence of multiple markets and technologies and incorporate technology in its eyewear that will make a real difference to the lives of our customers.”

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