By Jody Johnson

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the road or the greens or heading out on the water, there is eyewear for every sport.

With new and improving technology, sports eyewear is also changing to allow for better vision in different lighting conditions.

Transitions Optical has discovered there is value in the convenience of a lens that automatically adjusts tint.

“Changing light conditions cannot only be distracting, but also hinders your ability to see what’s ahead, especially for cyclists and runners,” says Catherine Rauscher, global director for lenscaster partners, Transitions Optical.

“One of the most exciting new aspects to our business is the way we’ve started expanding our adaptive technology into new industries, like motorcycling and snow sports.

“We partner with some of the most iconic brands like Bell, Lazer and Shoei, to offer Transitions adaptive face shields, which eliminate the need to carry two shields. We also recently launched a line of adaptive snow goggles, available from Dragon Alliance and Nike.”

The Oakley Transitions sunglasses in Oakley Fast Jacket frames with clear to dark Iridium Transitions adaptive sun lenses combine Transitions photochromic technology with Oakley balanced light filtering to boost visual contrast, even in low light.

“It’s a key benefit for athletes because it improves depth perception,” says Rauscher.

These lenses are available in some of Oakley’s other popular frames, including the Racing Jacket, Flak Jacket and Split Jacket.

For Bollé, the perfect fit and performance is key for sport sunglasses.

“When choosing a pair of sunglasses, be sure to look at not only the frame style but more importantly the lens colour. You want to determine when and for what purpose you are buying the sunglass,” says Rene Gerber, Bollé’s marketing manager.

“For example, if it is for golf, then you want to buy the Bollé Modulator V3 Golf lens. This lens encompasses all you need in a golf lens: the optical superiority and lightweight characteristics of clear precision optics and the hydrophobic/olephobic treatments on the outside of the lens stops dirt, grease and water spots from sticking to the lens,” says Gerber.

The finely tuned brown golf lens highlights subtleties on the course while lightening and darkening to adapt to the environment so they are suitable for all weather conditions.

“For boating and fishing, there’s the Bollé Marine line – Polarized Inland Gold and Polarized Offshore Blue. Both these lenses are perfect for harsh sunlight and water glare. The lenses also feature hydrophobic/oleophobic treatments to repel water so at all times you have a crystal clear view,” says Gerber.

“For the ever-growing cycling market there’s the 5th Element which is a new to Bollé competitor sunglass line. Designed for cycling enthusiasts this frame offers maximum protection, comfort and performance.”

The frame adjusts to all head movements during riding and offers a wide field of vision both horizontally and vertically.

The lenses are interchangeable so no matter the weather Bollé has a perfect lens for all weather conditions.

“Most of the Bollé sport frames can be fitted with a prescription lens so even if you wear eye glasses, you can still experience the performance of Bollés sport sunglasses,” says Gerber.

Two new sport-inspired active lifestyle frames have been unveiled from Adidas Sport eyewear, distributed in Canada by the Canadian Optical Supply Co. Ltd.

The jaysor and baboa are designed for all-day use and are packed with versatile features like the Double-Snap Nose Pads or Traction Grip on the inside of the temples, which ensure a secure fit no matter the sport.

The lightweight, flexible, and shatterproof SPX frames provide long-lasting comfort without compromising durability, with Quick-Release Hinge temples that can snap away under load to avoid damage.

The jaysor and baboa frames are prescription-ready. While the jaysor appeals to both men and women, the baboa specifically caters to women with its smaller flowing shape.

Zeal Optics says creating an environmentally-responsible sunglass that’s both functional and fashionable is at the heart of it all.

“We’ve seen this trend continue to grow and resonate with our consumers to provide a well-crafted and quality polarized, plant-based ellume lens that both protects and provides a uniquely unmatched optic experience,” says Nate Hrivnak, Zeal’s marketing specialist.

“We’ve recently included an automatic yellow-based lens to complement our existing lens collection.”

The Zeal Automatic is a high-performance lens that combines photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens to provide a seamless visual experience no matter what the day brings.

“This lens automatically adjusts in colour from 26-19% VLT depending on UV rays and changing light conditions, so you get the best protection in any situation,” says Hrivnak.