By Sarah McGoldrick

It is the journey of a life time for one member of the Zeal Optics team.
Chelsea Lawson, a public relations associate for the company is making a more than 2,000 kilometre trip from Vancouver, British Columbia to Tijuana, Mexico on a mountain bike.
The trip will take her along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean as she and her partner Ben make the trek.
“It was something I always wanted to do,” said Lawson as she made her way into the United States to begin the lengthy journey down the west coast.
She said her colleagues and bosses at Zeal were happy to help her achieve her goal and she has been using the opportunity to blog about her experience and the various Zeal products she has been testing along the way.
Lawson said she has always welcomed the opportunity to travel, however in this case it is a challenge far beyond backpacking or taking a bus from place to place.
“This will allow me, for the first time, to be in the best shape of my life,” she said.
This is not a holiday for Lawson who has brought her work with her and continued to maintain a unique work/recreation balance thanks to wifi and her laptop.
She has also been maintaining a blog throughout her journey where the couple post pictures of breathtaking scenery, odd discoveries and the people they have been meeting along the way since they departed in late October.
Among the pieces of eyewear she has taken along for the journey is the Helix. This performance piece of eyewear is designed for long distance cycling by blocking air from reaching the eyes and offering a light-weight feel.
The couple have reached the Oregon coastline where they have endured cold temperatures and rainy weather.
“The glasses have performed really well,” noted Lawson. “I was shocked at how well the active lifestyle pieces perform given that we are wearing them at four to five hours stretches.”
Lawson notes she and Ben are hoping to arrive in Tijuana in early December.
“Once you get going you really realize how far it is,” said Lawson.
Throughout the journey Lawson has also been sharing helpful and inspiring messages to her followers encouraging them to take on similar challenges and face their fears.
In a November 12 entry she wrote:
What I am saying is that if you aren’t doing what you love, you’re missing out.  Get up, find that fuel that gets you going and live everyday to the fullest.  My advice to all of you who want to love what you do:
1 – Find something you are passionate about
What sparks your interest?  Can you work in a field that surrounds and supports that interest?
2 – Make sure you work with people who build you up and help you learn
This is a key component to loving what you do.  Surrounding yourself with positive influencers is something that will strongly impact your life.
3 – Take chances
Be bold!  No one ever got anywhere by sitting around waiting for something to happen!  Make it happen!
Though November may not be the ideal travel time for many people, Lawson said she and Ben have enjoyed meeting other adventurers in a variety of settings.
“We have stayed in as many hostels as possible,” she said adding there are times when the couple will be camping.
You can follow their journey on where you will also be able to connect with them on Twitter and Instagram.