By Jody Johnson-Pettit

Are you an eye care professional who is looking for specific eyewear or insight on the latest trends?

There is now a completely revamped, one-stop website for all of your eyewear fashion needs. is The Vision Council’s campaign to increase awareness of the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear.

“We work on behalf of the leading manufacturers in the eyewear industry and can offer you inside access to a breadth of information and materials,” says Lindsey Ruhe, marketing and communications manager for The Vision Council. is comprised of a two-person team. Ruhe oversees all initiatives related to the campaign, while Meghan Deasy serves in a supporting role as marketing and communications co-ordinator.

“The Eyecessorize campaign serves as a voice for not only the greater vision care industry, but also for an incredibly wide range of eyewear products,” says Ruhe. “The campaign works to promote the larger message that eyeglasses, sunglasses and readers are not only health necessities, but also fashion and lifestyle accessories. We cover the latest eyewear trends, while touching on the health benefits of these products as well.”

To bolster its messaging, the campaign promotes its members’ products through a wide variety of materials.

“Each year, the campaign has steadily garnered participation from approximately 80 to 90 of its members, all of which have their own set of brands that the campaign treats equally,” says Ruhe. “The campaign is a truly ‘all-inclusive’ marketing tool to endorse the industry at large, as well as many of the industry’s brands.”

The website has two main goals.

According to Ruhe, one of these is “to provide consumers and consumer-facing media with a one-stop source for all things fashion and lifestyle eyewear, lending further credibility and awareness to the Eyecessorize campaign.”

The other goal is “to represent The Vision Council’s member products, further positioning our members for success by promoting their products to consumers and consumer-facing media through the website.” highlights the coming eyewear trends and what’s hot in men’s and women’s eyeglasses and sunglasses, which can be an important resource for eye care professionals.

“The Eyecessorize team utilizes WGSN – a trend forecasting service – to help determine what the seasonal eyewear trends will be based on their trend reporting,” says Ruhe.

Additionally, the team conducts member meetings at International Vision Expo conferences, attends many members’ press events throughout the year and closely observes what products members are releasing to stay in tune with those eyewear trends that are in the pipeline.

“The campaign primarily reaches consumers directly through its website, blog and social media channels, while targeting consumer-facing media through its eyewear trend kits and lookbooks, e-pitches and events.”

It is designed to position specs and sunnies as must-have style accessories.