The great thing about the eyewear industry is it is constantly changing.
The materials change, the styles change and the technology changes. Each of these things, if done right, should also result in growth and change within your business.
Eye Care providers are faced with an overwhelming number of choices and it’s important to take the time to understand the information that is being shared.
Over the years, Optical Prism has made a concentrated effort to take the information we receive and put it into concise, easy to understand articles and photo spreads so you are able to provide your patients with an easy to read information breakdown.
When we put together a story, we are not only thinking of the ECP but how they are best able to communicate with their patients to provide the best possible eye care. In this issue, you will see an exceptional collection of articles that highlight the latest lens technology available. Digital lenses are the new norm in the industry and it’s important that ECPs understand this technology to provide the best measurements for prescription and add-ons such as coatings and UV and digital light protection.
Have you ever had a patient come to you because their eyes are irritated by contact lenses, only to find out it’s because of makeup? We get the latest health information so you can help your patients better understand how to protect eyes from irritation and possible infection from makeup use.
This past month you may have heard of Guelph area resident Kathy Beitz who saw her baby for the first-time thanks to Eyesight technology. We interview this remarkable and strong woman as she shares her journey to recover her vision with this groundbreaking technology.
Thank you for taking the time to read Optical Prism and sharing it with your office and patients. Maintaining good eye care is a team effort and we are pleased to help your team keep your patients healthy and seeing clearly.