By Troy Patterson

Luxury styles are part of the eyewear business in all seasons, but the fall 2017 styles stand out on their own.

Optical Prism touched base with Ogi, Etnia Barcelona and Safilo to see what they had in store for their luxury brands and what sets them apart as the leaves start to fall.

What’s clear from each is the uniqueness of not only their styles, but also how they will fit on the faces of consumers and the innovation of the companies behind the brands.

The most prevalent colour trends in luxury eyewear this fall will include olives and blushes as well as tangerine accents for that added pop of colour,” Ogi’s design team told Optical Prism. “Geometric shapes, crystal acetates and acute angles that play off light will be at the forefront of fashion come fall as well.”

OGI 7164

OGI Eyewear was excited to show off styles from Bon Vivant, Seraphin, Cumberland as well as Ogi models 7164 and 9103.

What sets the company apart from its competitors is its emphasis on “innovation, originality, quality and value.”

OGI 9103

Ogi Eyewear designs affordable luxury eyewear that’s totally unique and unrivaled at our price point,” the company says. “What’s more, our team is filled with talented trend forecasters, so while other companies adopt to trends that have already occurred, we recognize the importance of creating them and being part of the moment from the very beginning.”

Etnia Barcelona hopes to set itself apart on the luxury eyewear scene this fall with its newest global brand campaign, Be Anartist, which is inspired by the icons of cinema and art, by the photographer Biel Capllonch.

Based on the artistic avant-gardes, Etnia Barcelona has created a Manifesto and an Anartist Decalogue, composed by 11 commandments, to deepen in its brand identity and to claim that the brand is more than colour, culture and quality,” the company says.

Etnia Be An Artist campaign

“BE ANARTIST” is a campaign composed by different photographs that express the Anartist’s attitude, that challenge the viewer, provoking him.

Filled with film references, the campaign photos recall mythical movie scenes such as A Clockwork Orange, The Big Lebowski or Pulp Fiction and they are a tribute to movie directors such as Hitchcock, Lynch, the Coen Brothers or Kubrick.

I can tell you that what sets us apart from other brands besides colour, quality and culture is the fact that we beat to our own drum,” says Catherine Anselmo, Etnia Barcelona’s marketing manager. “We break the rules and this new campaign explains just that.”

All of the pictures have a common element: all the Anartists are wearing Etnia Barcelona’s glasses.

Branding and colour trends aside, Safilo is able to experiment with design, non-traditional materials and shapes, creating products and setting leading worldwide trends.

Each and every pair of glasses is characterized by an attentive and detailed development process.”

The company’s process starts with studying relevant macro-trends and ends with the creation of sunglasses and optical frames that are pieces of art.

From its design and creation process to materials research to its intricate stages of production, the company can continue its role as a worldwide brand with a “unique heritage, expertise and savoir-faire.

For Safilo’s Fall 2017 trends, the company has a variety of luxury styles that set it apart from other brands, including yellow‐tinted and pastel coloured lenses, extreme oval shades and white sunglasses.