By Denis Langlois

Jessica Mulroney is the face of Transition Optical’s latest Canadian marketing campaign.

The Toronto-based lifestyle and fashion expert, who has been a featured guest expert on the daytime television show Cityline, will be appearing this year in Canadian marketing materials across social and other media.

The Transitions campaign is aimed at demonstrating the benefits of its lenses for the young, style-conscious wearer. The campaign will also highlight new colour and mirror options for Transitions lenses that will give younger patients more ways to customize their personal style.

Transitions Signature lenses, which had already been available in grey, brown and graphite green, can now be purchased in sapphire, amethyst, amber and emerald. The new Transitions XTRActive mirror style colours are gold, silver and violet blue as well as copper and blue green, which are both coming soon.

Transitions Optical recently gave Optical Prism a chance to ask Jessica Mulroney about her partnership with Transitions and her thoughts on Transitions lenses and the new colour options.

  1. Why have you decided to partner with Transitions?

I’ve worn glasses my whole life. They used to only play a functional role. Only recently have I begun to appreciate them as a fashion accessory. I play with different styles all the time and they have become a part of my signature look.

Partnering with Transitions has been such a fun project for me. As a busy working mom, having my glasses turn into sunglasses and protect my eyes, gives me one less thing to think about it!

  1. As a stylist, are you excited by the new lens colour options that are now available for Transitions ® Signature ® lenses?

Absolutely. Playing with glasses can complete your whole look and mood. That’s how I feel about the new colour lenses! Each lens gives a new and fresh spin to style.

  1. Transitions has launched a marketing campaign aimed at millennials. What advice would you give to people in this age group who are considering purchasing Transitions lenses?

Being able to wear my glasses outside and protect my eyes has really changed the game for me. Glasses are no longer a functional item. They are an extension of someone’s style and having the ease of them automatically adapting to changing light conditions is something I can no longer live without!

  1. Since this is our fashion issue, can you give us some tips on how to pair the new Transitions lenses with our fall outfits?

The new Transitions style colours work with some of the biggest fall trends.

Floral patterns are all the rage for fall, which work perfectly with the Amethyst lens or Sapphire lens.

We are seeing lots of herringbone and plaids. I envision the Emerald lens with this trend!

American patchwork and folklore is making a big comeback, pair this trend with the Amber shade for a true retro vibe.