A Changing Industry
Fall is finally here.
This season the eyewear industry can expect a wide assortment of styles, technology and innovation as it welcomes a new era of eye care. Technology is playing an increasing roll in diagnosis and treatment. It is also changing the way we see the world as you will find in this month’s issue. In this edition we look at some of the latest apps designed to help identify eye issues as well as find the right lenses and frames for clients. We share with you the pros and cons of these apps so you can help your patients make the right decision.
Have you ever been asked about smart lens technology? We look at how this technology is now available in Canada with the ability to include a prescription. Now wearers can experience new lens technology allowing them to check emails, record video all through a prescriptive lens that suits their eyecare needs.
This year also saw several larger business partnerships and mergers.
Among the largest was the recent partnerships by Essilor who has been leading the industry in combining the resources of several companies to offer clients all the services and technology they need.
We talk with Marc Tersigni, president of Essilor Canada, as he shares the new directions the company is moving as it changes the eyewear landscape.
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