It was the end of the Second World War, soldiers were returning home from the front and across the globe new babies were being born at a tremendous rate.
Those babies are all grown-up now and playfully referred to as the Baby Boomer Generation.
Today this generation is living longer, healthier lives than their parents could have ever dreamed of experiencing.
Retirement comes at an earlier age and baby boomers are seeking out fun and exciting activities unattainable by earlier generations. But the one thing baby boomers have not been able to escape is the trials and tribulations of growing old.
This issue explores the many facets of dealing with age-related eye issues and how both the medical field and the government are dealing with the volume of patients now seeking treatment.
In addition, eyewear makers are lining up to offer the latest in technology and style to ensure baby boomers don’t have to wear the same chunky, bulky glasses their parents did years before them.
Baby boomers represent a new vibrancy and zest for life when it comes to getting older and the eye industry is there to make sure boomers are met with options all the way.
In this issue we are pleased to share with you the personal experience of Canadian actress Mary Walsh who has been living with macular degeneration for several years. Walsh offers insight, inspiration and hope to anyone facing this disease.
While reading this issue take time to preview what’s coming up at Silmo Paris slated for October of this year. This world-renowned event features the latest technology, styles and workshops to help the eye industry meet the demands of their discerning clientele.
This issue also features some unique information on alternative care for those suffering with eye diseases, looking at both a medical and holistic approach to prevention and treatment.
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Sarah McGoldrick Editor