Each year Optical Prism devotes a special issue to eyewear and eye issues related to Boomers. This is a very important market for both eyecare providers and retailers to carefully monitor because of the immense spending power of this generation. Boomers are typically considered ranging from ages 45 to 65 and are an incredibly active and brand savvy group of individuals who were raised during an era when fashion and good quality were important.
Boomers have spending power but are also more apt to carefully consider their purchases. Spontaneous buys and splurging without reason are not typical traits for this market.
Instead they want good quality, good customer service and a product that will last a long time.
In this issue of Optical Prism magazine we explore several key trends in this industry from the latest styles and designs in Boomer eyewear to the latest treatments for diseases
such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.
Boomers are using their eyes in many different ways in the 21st century. There is an increase in demand for activewear as well as eyewear that protects the eyes from dangerous effects of digital light.
In this issue we also welcome our new Assistant Editor to the Optical Prism team. Kelly Waterhouse will be joining us at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas as we cover what is hot in the eyewear industry. She is anxiously waiting to meet our many partners, designers and eyecare providers who help make Optical Prism one of the industry’s leading eyewear
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Sarah McGoldrick