By Brynn Low,



Marketing continues to evolve.

However, two things have stayed relatively the same: content marketing is still king and COVID-19 still impacts marketing.

Whether this is new information or not, there’s no time like the new year to try new marketing strategies.

Here are five ways you can market your eye care business in 2021 and beyond.


COVID-19 will continue to impact marketing now and for years to come. It has permanently altered how patients shop and interact with businesses.

Here are some ways COVID-19 will continue to impact your marketing:

  • People want to support small, local businesses. If that’s your practice, speak up!
  • Now more than ever, patients are looking for authenticity and trustworthiness. Be open and honest with your patients and don’t be afraid to admit mistakes.
  • Isolation forced many practices to operate online. This is likely here to stay and patients will look for the convenience of online contact lens ordering, frame galleries and even tele-optometry.

User-generated content

User-generated content has been a mainstay in social media for quite some time. Today, even huge companies feature user-generated content in TV ads and more. This type of content can include anything from photos to video to reviews – anything that mentions or includes your practice, but isn’t made directly by your practice.

It’s one of the most authentic forms of marketing because it’s essentially word-of-mouth marketing – just with a new form for the 21st century. It’s a great way to engage patients and it helps you out because you don’t have to do all the content creation yourself. Consider incentives like giveaways for patients who tag your practice on social media.


Over the past few years, the content people consume online and offline has improved by leaps and bounds. People expect great content like photos and videos from businesses big and small. Considering most phones can take high-quality video, it’s not a tall ask.

You can also easily edit video from your phone now, through Instagram Reels, TikTok and editing apps. Not only is video a great way to engage on social media, but it can work on other platforms too.

Video is the best way to explain topics, especially visual topics, to your patients. Consider adding videos to blog posts or on certain pages on your website (video usually isn’t recommended for your homepage, however, as it decreases load speed).

Live Content

Live content has been available on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time, but now, you can get live content everywhere. Twitter, YouTube and even LinkedIn have live options now.

It’s not surprising, considering that users watch billions of hours of live video every year.

Combined with COVID-19 cancelling many live, in-person events, it seems like live video on social media is here to stay in 2021.

It’s worth it to go live, too. Some experts say that people spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded ones. Consider engaging your patients with an Instagram live fashion show of your frames or a Facebook live on how to put in eye drops.


Patients are on your website looking for information to make a purchase decision. You have just a few seconds to ensure potential patients have their questions answered, otherwise, they leave. But what if you could answer their questions without them giving up or having to scour your website?

Chatbots are a great way to start a conversation with your patients and keep them on your website (and ultimately, get them into your practice). Patients can easily ask a question and book an appointment. It’s also a great way to stand out from competitors and give your patients a great experience.


As a Content & SEO Specialist at Marketing4ECPs, Brynn spends her days creating content that ranks for eye care practices all over North America. You can reach Brynn at