Building on the success of media campaigns run in the United States, France and Brazil to strengthen the Crizal® brand, Essilor is launching its first consumer advertising campaign in China, which is the world’s biggest ophthalmic lens market in terms of volume.
Rolled out on various platforms, including TV, online and Focus Media, in six major Tier 2 Chinese cities, the campaign expresses the strengths of the Crizal® range.
The campaign is backed by a significantly higher consumer media budget for the Group’s flagship brands, including Crizal®, Transitions®, Varilux®, and Xperio®. The budget has been increased from €25 million in 2013 to €60 million in 20141, with €22 million earmarked for the Crizal® brand alone.
Primarily financed by synergies generated by the integration of Transitions Optical Inc., the planned funding will push the consumer media budget up to €125 million by 2016,
making a powerful contribution to Essilor’s future growth and helping to consolidate its leadership.