Caron Eyewear SS24 Collection – Are You a Caron Eyewear Woman? 

It’s more than just a look. It’s a certain confidence, a sense of freedom, a way of living. 

For more than 20 years, Caron has created eyewear which is more than just a statement of style but lends the wearer  a unique and enduring confidence. Confidence in themselves, confidence in who they are, and confidence in their  own self-expression. 

Every collection brings not only the spirit of the modern but also draws on the rich history of eyewear design, combined with impeccable taste and a sophisticated appreciation of the creative arts. 

Then comes the passion. Passion for intense colours, geometry and symmetry. Passion for wearability and supreme  comfort, and of course for the world-renowned quality of British design. 

So are you a ‘Caron Eyewear Woman’? the simple answer is yes – you need only choose to be. 


Presenting Caron Eyewear’s New Styles for January 2024 

These exquisite new pieces continue the tradition that has always guided Caron’s design ethos: a dedication to bold  femininity and the beautiful framing of the female face. 

Like a fine artist, she works with light, carefully choosing and expertly sculpting unique materials and combining a fluid  lightness of form with designs that come alive when worn. 

Introducing new models “Glorious”, “Fit to Win” and “Be Bright”, each a testament to Caron’s unwavering dedication  to beauty, comfort and wearability. 


Fit to Win is a bold statement piece in a super shallow, square and angular eye shape with a precision-cut profile.  Guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day in electric blue, or wear in black for maximum impact. Show that you mean  business in fluorescent pink or be irresistibly lush in crystal rose. 

Ellis wears Fit to Win in colour P09 – Fluorescent Pink


Glorious is undeniably one of the most glorious pieces we’ve ever designed, with its sweeping curves and gentle
bevels confidently illuminating the brow of the frame. This visionary aesthetic is brought to life when fashioned in a
stunning raspberry red or crystal rose, illuminating in turquoise blue and full of impact in black.

Ellis wears Glorious in colour P02 – Turquoise


Be Bright is an innovative piece showcasing a dynamic geometric pattern in black that infuses this key accessory with a
captivating sense of dimension and originality. Alternatively, embrace a subtle sophistication with a deep purple tone,
or make a striking statement in vivid fluorescent yellow or eye-catching bright red.

Ellis wears Be Bright in colour P01 – Geometric Black

To see the stunning new campaign and view the full collection click here.

Ellis wears Fit to Win in colour P01 – Black


About Caron Eyewear
Internationally renowned eyewear designer Caron Kraitt has enjoyed a 25 year career creating collections for every
sector of the optical market, from mainstream retailers to exclusive boutique fashion houses.

Now, Caron has brought her unique skills and experience directly to you with her own brand, inspired by women who
are unafraid to embrace their natural beauty and femininity alongside their personal strength and independence.

Exclusively available through independent opticians, Caron Eyewear offers top-grade materials – European acetates
and stainless steel with state-of-the-art ION plating – and expertly considered designs that are as wearable as they
are striking. But we don’t stop there: with a highly personal approach and UK-based stock for next-day delivery, we
prioritize excellent service and quality optical design at every turn.

So don’t settle for ordinary eyewear. Choose Caron Eyewear for a one-of-a-kind, contemporary aesthetic that
celebrates your unique style and femininity.

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