Eyelation reduces costs and time for managers and inconvenience for employees

Toronto, ON – According to information from the CNIB*, every day 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries on the job, often resulting in lost time and, in some cases, either temporary or permanent vision loss. As noted by the CNIB, many of these injuries could be avoided with proper eyewear. Canadian companies need to provide safety eyewear while managing the associated costs effectively.

Eyelation, a prescription eyewear program that is now available in Canada, makes prescription eyewear readily available to workers while dramatically reducing the costs associated with administering benefits programs. The program is accessible 24/7 and allows employees on every shift to order their glasses immediately from an onsite kiosk. The safety eyewear is manufactured to exacting standards with the assistance of opticians across Canada and delivered right to the plant location.

Setting up the kiosk and system on site is very easy. The administrator loads the benefit options and plans for each employee, including information such as job requirements and associated eyewear benefits so that the selection of eyewear matches with the needs of the role. After the initial setup, each e mployee is issued an ID card and the program is turnkey, allowing safety managers to save time, decrease costs and ensure OSHA compliance. The Eyelation system manages the benefit renewals for each employee, alleviating this task for the company.

The kiosk provides a convenient and enjoyable way to order safety eyewear. After meeting with an optometrist to attain their prescription, the employee swipes their personal ID card and then scans in their prescription. The touch screen monitor and video instructions provide an easy and interactive experience. The kiosk takes a picture of the employee so they can select frames and try them on virtually. The Eyelation program provides a wide range of frames and options for the lenses such as tinting, anti reflective features and progressive lenses. If employees wish to purchase features that are beyond the scope of the benefit plan, they can do so and make personal payments through payroll deduction or credit card. The program includes a 90 day return policy.

The Eyelation kiosk is provided free of charge and can reside anywhere within the customer’s premises. Since the program does not include store front operations, the eyewear is generally less expensive than retail outlets.

Safety managers can log into the administrator account at any time to access a variety of reports such as employee order information and details on costs and payments. Paperwork and files are thereby eliminated, allowing safety managers more time to focus on more important safety issues.

Levitt-Safety distributes the Eyelation system in Canada. For more information, visit www.levitt-safety.com.