“Modes” of Transitions® Signature™ Lenses Will Have High Visibility During the Olympics, Stanley Cup Playoffs and Popular TV Programs Throughout 2014

Transitions Optical, Inc. is planning a marketing presence of Olympian proportions in 2014. Canadian viewers will get to experience the many “Modes” of Transitions® Signature™ lenses through TV spots airing throughout the Olympics telecast, and on highly-watched sporting events and popular TV programs regularly during 2014.

“While running the TV spot during the Olympics is a significant and exciting part of our 2014 marketing program, it is just one part of our larger integrated campaign across multiple media,” said Sherianne James, director, North America marketing. “This year’s TV campaign is the most comprehensive one we have ever done in Canada and will generate an estimated 331 million impressions for the Transitions brand – reaching 96 percent of our target audience more than 17 times on average.”

The Canadian 2014 media lineup includes visibility for the new “Modes” spot highlighting Transitions Signature lenses during many of the most prominent events and programs of the year.Sporting event visibility includes:
• Hockey Night in Canada, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals on CBC
• Curling world championships, Wimbledon, PGA Championship and NASCAR races on TSN
• Sponsorship of SportsNet’s Baseball Bio, which profiles Toronto Blue Jays baseball players during the summer and advertising during the World Series

Popular sitcoms and reality show presence includes:
• Survivor finale (Shaw Media), The Big Bang Theory (CTV), the Dragon’s Den (CBC) and Grey’s Anatomy
• Spots in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver during shows such as American Idol and The Voice, Mike and Molly, Chicago Fire and The Blacklist

French market awareness for Transitions lenses will include TV spots during Salut Bonjour, La Guerres des clans, TVA 22 Heures, Les Enfants de la Télé, Découverte, Tout le monde en parle, Montreal Canadiens Hockey and many other top 20 rated shows.

These TV efforts will be supported by a digital campaign on popular Canadian websites that will generate an additional 66 million impressions for Transitions lenses.

“Our 2014 marketing campaign, will create consumers demand for our most-responsive lens ever, Transitions Signature lenses,” James said. “Our marketing efforts will help spur consumers to go to their eyecare professional and ask for Transitions Signature lenses by name.”