Lensbox, an eyecare technology company that provides a complete business-to-consumer (B2C) virtual healthcare and e-commerce eyecare platform, announces today the launch of U.S. headquarters and the release of Lensbox XL™ Technology. This platform provides eyecare practitioners with an array of new ECP designed technological advancements.

“After a long and arduous delay due to the pandemic, we are delighted to meet in person with our industry partners to kick-off our new technology, and growth strategy in the USA. Our launch will be marked by the release of our new B2B application that works together with existing B2C technology, to improve patient care, while saving practitioners time and money,” states Sanaz Sheila Bissonnette, CEO and Chair of Lensbox.

The application, which will be released in a secure, regulatory-compliant, and collaborative digital environment, will connect industry and multidisciplinary healthcare providers directly to one-another, creating improved product delivery and a more collaborative approach to patient care.

“Lensbox is quickly evolving to become a destination technology platform which brings together eye care practices with patients, industry and medical specialists to create a holistic and effective approach to the clinical, commerce and business operations of optometry. As doctors of optometry and stakeholders, we are thrilled to be part of this exciting endeavour,” states Dr. Matt Michniewicz, OD and Director of Omnichannel Partnerships.

The world-leading technology provides eye care practitioners with AI powered, backend connections to suppliers, and other healthcare professionals, by streamlining the product fulfillment process, reducing cost of goods and the redundant staffing costs associated with logistical inefficiencies.

“A common question that patients with complex or rare conditions have is, ‘why don’t my doctors speak to each other?’  This technology enables practitioners to collaborate together, which will enhance care, facilitate educational opportunities, and save patients time and frustration, resulting in much better outcomes,” states Dr. Millan Patel, Rare and Complex Disease Specialist.

The Lensbox Team will welcome visitors at Vision Expo East, booth #TF-705, from June 3rd-5th in Orlando, Florida.