Photographer Magdalena Wosinska is a modern day adventurer, following her gut into the unexplored corners of Out There. Her passion for the unknown made her the perfect fit to launch Carrera’s new global platform “Out There.”

The platform, developed by Anomaly Amsterdam, is built on Carrera’s belief that passion is the fuel that moves us through the journey of life.
Passion makes us restless, curious and adventurous. It takes us to places we didn’t know existed, moves us out of our comfort zones and gives us experiences we never expected. Passion takes us Out There.
To capture this feeling, Magdalena hit the road with a group of friends, travelling in and around her hometown of Los Angeles. Unlike most branded photo shoots, Magdalena’s approach was to let the journey dictate the images, not the other way around.
The global campaign presents 4 different stories told by 4 hero shots:
– OUT THERE there’s no such thing as a wrong turn
It takes guts to dive head first into the unknown but the reward might just be the best story of your life. Getting lost can be the greatest adventure of all.
– OUT THERE is the road less boring
There are two ways to go through life:
You can take the safe, predictable path or you can get Out There.
– OUT THERE is your own corner office
It’s not easy to break free from the 9 to 5 and find your own place in the world.
But once you do, you can start living life instead of daydreaming about it.
– OUT THERE is not your daily commute
There’s a better way to get to the places you want to be.
Leave behind the slow bus, the crowded subway and the cramped carpool and get Out There.
Magdalena’s Out There journey in the States included stops at Filmore, Downtown Los Angeles, Lake Piru and Mount Baldy. The images and footage appear in a new fully integrated global campaign.

Partner, Global Executive Creative Director: Richard Mulder
Partner, CEO Amsterdam: Hazelle Klønhammer
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer Amsterdam: Amanda Fève
Creative Director: Zack McDonald
Creative: Daan van Dam
Business Director: Tracey McIntosh
Head of Production: Ezra Xenos
Photographer: Magdalena Wosinska
Photographer Agency: Webber Represents
Production Company: Connect the Dots
Line Producer: Meghan Gallagher
Retouchers: Loupe Imaging
Production Company: Connect the Dots
Director: Magdalena Wosinska
DOP: Stefan Weinberger
Line Producer: Meghan Gallagher
Editor: Doug Hancock
Sound: Audentity
Post production: Darlings Post
Artistic Director: Nicola Bonaventura
Brand director: Martino Boselli
Advertising Manager: Susan van Deth